“Today’s mighty tree is just yesterday’s little nut that held its ground”
It is immensely gratifying to be part of the IACA.

The education in IACA develops a passion for learning and create an atmosphere to students for multifaceted development, converting every Individual into responsible, balanced & a confident citizen of the society.
Training in leadership is an integral part of the education system as world needs more leaders than followers. We aim at making each child a leader.
We develop our students to face tomorrow’s challenges to become role modals of society and most important how to face any failure in life and come out of it successfully.
Academic excellence is our major thrust. Each new academic year is a new height scaled, another dream realized and new targets set for the future. Let us gear ourselves and encourage our children to put in their efforts, nurture their talents and enable them to emerge as winners.
My gratitude to the school management for providing qualitative infrastructure, encouragement and continuous support for developing tomorrow’s leaders. I wish the school success in all its endeavours.

Nidhi Gupta
M.A. M.Ed.

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