• Be in your assigned seat/location, ready to work when the school bell rings.
  • Bring paper, pencils, books and all necessary supplies everyday.
  • Keep hands, feet, body, objects to yourself .
  • Follow Directions by teachers and administartion.
  • Respect others. Swearing, rude gestures, cruel teasing or put-downs are prohibited.


Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to attend school regularly and to attend all classes.

Students are expected to be on time for school and classes.

Students are expected to be prepared for and to participate in each class to meet performance standards, to have the necessary class materials, to complete classwork and homework accurately and on time, and to prepare for quizzes, tests and examinations.

Students are expected to be honest, behave with dignity and treat others with respect and courtesy. Behavior of the individual should not interfere with the rights of others. This includes the use of appropriate language, actions and attire. Students are expected not to harass others verbally and physically. Students are expected to come to school free from the influence of tobacco products, alcohol or drugs. Students are expected not to use or possess such substances.

Students are expected to comply with all school rules and to obey all laws. Students are expected to respond in a respectful manner to all adults while under the jurisdiction of the school and while participating in school-sponsored activities.

Students are expected to treat all property belonging to the school and to others with care.

Students are expected to contribute to a safe school environment free from fear. Acts of violence, weapons and contraband are never acceptable.

General School Rules

  • Be punctual, report to school and class on time. School begins at 8:00 a.m. If a student arrives in school after 8:00 he/she needs to report to the office to receive an late slip. Students are discouraged from coming to school prior to 7:30 a.m. because of lack of adult supervision.
  • Strive to be present every school day. In case of absence, parents should call the school in the morning of the absence and notify the teacher in writing upon the student's return to school.
  • Respect each other at all times. Disagreements will be settled by discussing the problem and seeking a solution that is fair to all concerned.
  • Buildings and the campus will be kept clean and neat. Do not deface or damage school property. Students who vandalize the school property will make up for damages or harm.
  • Maintain order when moving to different areas. Do not run; running is a frequent cause of injuries.
  • The following are not allowed in school unless prior permission is granted by the school staff:
  • radios, cell phones, and other electrical equipment
  • skateboards, roller skates, rollerblades, razors
  • valuables, extra money, computer games, items of sentimental value
  • fireworks, matches
  • weapons or expensive toys
  • Remain within school boundaries at all times. Students leaving the campus must have a Student Pass and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. (Leaving campus without consent is an offense, prohibited by Rules).
  • Avoid using abusive or profane language and gestures.
  • Do not climb trees, gates, railings, fences, and the school buildings.
  • Respect the property rights of others.
  • Leave the premises immediately after school duties/responsibilities are completed
  • Buying/selling of personal items and trading are not allowed.

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